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My style my way.. A thought.

24 Oct
Hello hello,

I have never really been aware of what being fashionable was until these last few years. Mainly in these last 6 months I have been trying dot really define what being fashionable meant. People keep commenting that I have been changing in the way I wear my clothes, makeup, jewellery and hair.

I made a conscious decision when I turned 22 that it was time to mature my wardrobe a little bit more, to match in with me and my lifestyle. I am quite a colourful person (both in personality and wardrobe), so I have kept a pop of colour but I wear a lot more pastels, blush pinks and marooney colours. I also noticed I am starting a fair collection of greens and reds as well.

I think I have finally defined what fashion is, for me anyway.. It is basically style. It’s about keeping up to date, not with what is trending, but with yourself. My tastes have changed, matured and my style has moved with it. I’m at a stage in my life where I don’t feel the need to please everyone around me. I want to feel happy within myself and I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

I love makeup and clothes not because they are what girls are expected to love, but because I enjoy how they make me feel. I like to add a little bit of extra colour or to feel a little bit fancier. The world is always so serious and people so negative and I think that if I can enhance my own mood by adding some sparkle to myself then that is okay by me.

I love learning from all the amazing people out there what suits who and what colour goes where but I take them as a guide and if need, alter it to how I like it,

It is important to take pride in yourself and to not be afraid to try new things and new ideas. What is important to you?

Love Matilde xx
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